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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I redeem the Access Code that came with my Oxford University Press textbook?

Begin by selecting the textbook you are using in your course. Next, select your institution, followed by your instructor (if applicable). If your instructor is teaching multiple sections, you may need to select your section as a final step.

Once you've identified your specific course, click the Buy or Redeem Access Code button to add that course to your Cart.

You will be brought to the Cart screen. Enter your Access Code in the Access Code field and click Recalculate. Your total will drop to zero.

You may now Checkout and proceed with your enrollment.


I purchased my enrollment with a credit card, where is my access code?

When you purchase an enrollment directly from this site using your credit card, you will not receive an access code. Instead, you will be instantly enrolled in your course.

In most cases you will be automatically redirected to the Dashboard login page to login. If you are not, please visit You may login using the username and password you defined at registration.


My access code is being rejected as invalid. What now?

First, please confirm that your Access Code Card says "Dashboard" on it and that it specifically directs you to access this site for registration. (Some books may include multiple access codes. Your Dashboard Access Code Card will always be a separate sheet of paper or cardstock card from the physical text.)

Next, please confirm that you are not accidentally entering any numeral ones ("1") for capital Is ("I"), or any zeroes ("0") for capical Os ("O").

If you continue to have trouble, please contact us at


My instructor or section has changed, how do I move my enrollment?

The student or instructor must contact

Please include your:

Full Name

Email Address

Instructor's Name

Instructor's Email Address

The Instructor and Section of the course into which the student should be moved


Note: If a student submits a request for a course change, the request will first be verified with the course instructor.